Mandai Park Development in Singapore, was looking for an innovative experience to attract families to visit the Singapore Zoo, specifically Reptopia their reptile exhibit.

Pixeldust conceptualized, designed and produced Reptopia – Battle For Survival, an immersive augmented reality experience with Magic Leap® while PX2 was responsible for the overall look as well as the design of the accompanying promotion campaign. Our work included logo design and animation, website and app design as well as several user interfaces within the 3D interactive experience. 

The experience equipped with games and a storyline driven by the host, Icon The Chameleon, is guiding the visitors through 6 virtual 3D interactive holographic biomes that entertains visitors and teaches them about the reptiles and their unusual abilities.

Creative Director: Ricardo Andrade
Art Director, Motion Design, Web Design: Manuel Messerli
Head of Development, CG Supervisor: Samar Shool
Animator, Senior Developer: Roland Womack
Lead Character Animator: Andy Hencken, Jordan Chedalavada
interactive augmented reality experience
PX2 designed several maps to showcase the AR-experience within the reptile exhibit. The exhibit includes 6 stations, each equipped with an image-based trigger, that bring the 6 different habitats to life. The reptile-habitats are unique, immersive, interactive and photoreal 3D worlds that showcase Reptopia’s species in action.
To promote the exhibit we designed an interactive website that provides relevant information for what to expect when visiting Reptopia – Battle for Survival.
APP & UI design
As a post-visit experience and to further drive excitement we designed an app with additional information about the animals. The app includes reptile ‘selfie’ filters, mini-games, and AR modules with virtual 3D reptiles.
trigger cards
Visitors navigate the halls wearing Magic Leap® goggles. We designed trigger cards that are available at each station. By scanning the cards additional information about each biome is loading onto Magic Leap®.
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