Disney + and Haymaker TV invited us for the design of a show package for their brand-new tv show. We started with concepts for logos based on the working title Lie Spy and later adapted our designs to the show’s final title The Big Fib.

The Big Fib is based on the popular and hilarious podcast Pants On Fire. The show sees two grown-ups claim to be experts but one of them is lying. Kids have to use their critical thinking skills, their power of observation and their gut instincts to determine who is telling the big fib. The show features fascinating facts, tricky fibs, a supportive host, a plucky human child and an all-knowing goofy robot. 

For the design of the show package Disney was looking for graphics that were appealing to both kids and their parents. We began an extensive research and presented a range of possible ideas and styles. The final result was a series of fun slightly Wes Anderson inspired designs.

Creative Director: Ricardo Andrade
Art Director, Design, Animation: Manuel Messerli
Character animation: Jesse Meza
Producer: Elizabeth Andrade, Emily Vitek
How can kids learn everyone isn’t whom they appear to be? What are the signs of a liar? With that in mind we started with the creation of different fonts, illustrations and icons. 

Together with the client we finally narrowed our ideas down to come up with a logo that works well for animation and for still-images in marketing campaigns. The logos shown here are a selection of our work. 
The final look of the show evokes the feeling of an encyclopedia of knowledge yet a slightly twisted one. Not all is always what it seems. 
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